Thursday, July 1, 2010

7 Easiest Way to Apologize

In the real world, there are many problems around us. Sometimes we have mistake with anyone, like: friend, family, co worker, neighbor and many more. And we felt difficult to apologize to other. Here's good tips for you.
  • Honest in facing problems. It means make it a habit to open with others. Don't be afraid to express the problem. If someone knows the problem and really knows that you make mistake, maybe someone else will be able to understand and you have to explain and apologize with other.
  • Brave to admit mistake. Don't be afraid to admit mistake you make. That's the characteristic of high-minded people.
  • Showing remorse. You have to say how much you've hurt him/her. However, regret that you do should not just lip service or just talk. Just act what you can do to fix your mistake.
  • Willing to change. We have great soul to admit and show the remorse as a repairs attitudes. After you apologize, but make the same mistake again and again your apology will not mean anything.
  • Take action! After apologizing, complete communications with doing things that can please him/her. And if you need to give more attention than usual.
  • Not repeat the same mistakes. Your sincerity to make similar mistakes will not make you more careful in stepping.
  • Ready to accept criticism. Never felt what you do is always right. Try to receive an opinion or criticism is one way to minimize misunderstandings.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ten Signs of Healthy Relationships

My friend said that both of his parents have a good relationship, never dispute each other.Perhaps, this is the definition of a good relationship.Do you actually know what is healthy relationship? this is not just good relationship. This is long term relationship that will carrying in enjoy the life. Signs of healthy relationship like this:
1. Be spontaneous, we must give each other a warm heart, fulfill each other and free to express the love.
2. Enjoy the time together or While far apart,some couples spend a lot of time because they really enjoy.Dependence is not a healthy indication of the relationship, particularly emotional dependence.
3. Goodness, share the joy and goodness is the essence of a healthy relationship
4. Overcoming Conflict Method ,the great way is talk to each other to avoid the fight.
5. Trust each other, we must believe that we are building solid relationships that will be run for ever, and will not hurt emotionally.
6. Release Anger, a healthy relationship in both parties will soon forget the anger, and back again in the goodness and love.

7. Listening, Understanding, Learning And Receive, we can share the peace and happiness.
8. Becoming Self-Up Free, A healthy relationship involves self personality and the ability to love each other.
9. Sexuality, warm sexual relationship and caring based will bring the relationship to be healthy.
10. Take a laugh and happy, in the difficult period we can bright day by day with laugh and sense of humor. Trust me.
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Ten Ways Expressing The Love

Say the love is not difficult, but it is impossible for some people. In fact, there are many ways to reveal or expressing a simple love, these tips are very simple and can be directly to practice. These idea is not only at the special moment like Valentine day. I hope you enjoy my tips.
- Put some note on the table before we have lunch, with the word " I love You"
- Send an e-mail on your sweetheart that contains a love poem
- Send e-cards on love you sweetheart. For that, you can also do it every day.
- Send flowers with a short note 'I Love You'
- Create some favorite food, eating together with candle light.
- Create a list of things that make you love him so much, it sound amusing. And give him the list.

- Give him the warm hug and do it when he doesn't realize it.
- If you separate and distance lovers, do surprises visit.
- When we meet him,give your the most sweet smelling. and look at his eyes feeper
- Take a little time just between you and your sweetheart.
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